Courtesy visit to the Matsura Historical Museum and Former Dutch Trading Post Hirado

The Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation recently visited the Matsura Historical Museum and the former Dutch trading post in in Hirado.
In a beautifully restored traditional Japanese tea house they were welcomed by the director of the museum, Mr. Y. Okayama. 

Ronald Hilhorst and Yoshiharu Okayama in the tea house of the Matsura Historical Museum.

They enjoyed traditional Japanese green tea and sweets in the splendid surroundings of a characteristic garden.  In addition to the historic ties between Leiden and Japan that span over 4 centuries, the ties between Leiden and Nagasaki also include Hirado where the first Dutch trading post was established in the 16th century.  

According to resident Dutchman and present-day chief Remco Vrolijk, ties exist between Hirado and Noordwijkerhout as wel as Hirado and Leiden. After interesting talks and a tour of the museum 
it was time to take out leave and bid goodbye to Hirado.



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