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Japan is hot! Japanese food, clothes, products and influences are growing in the Netherlands. But just as Japan is interesting for the Dutch, the Netherlands is interesting for the Japanese. The theme park, Huis ten Bosch, is a modern reminder of the influence the Netherlands has in Japan. But even more current, is the growing interest for Dutch design in Japan.

This competition wants, through photos, to show the Dutch and Japanese public, the multitude of Japanese influences in the Dutch public and private space and of Dutch influences in Japan. The purpose of the project is to take stock of the cultural and international relations between the peoples of the Netherlands and Japan; and how these relationships manifests itself in Dutch public areas and spaces. The photo inventory is being compiled through individual photographs, which together will provide an impression of more than 400 years international relations.

We invite everyone in the Netherlands and Japan to participate in this international photography competition.

Submit photo(s) that show the influence of one of these countries’ on the other’s public or private space until 30 September 2016, 17:00 hours (GMT +1).
Examples for the public spaces are: Public parks, stores, restaurants, museums and buildings. Examples for the private spaces are: Dutch foods, Dutch Delft Blueware. These are just some examples, we are sure you can find many more!

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