Nagasaki Meet&Greet

On April 19th a delegation from Nagasaki led by the Honorary Consul General of the Netherlands Mr. Masahide Shimazaki was given a warm spring-time welcome to Leiden.

The delegation began with a visit to Japan Museum where they were met by museum director Kris Schiermeier and Kuniko Forrer. After a tour of the museum and a photo shoot in the garden, the delegation made its way over the sunny Rapenburg to the Hortus Botanicus (Botanical Garden).

There they strolled through the garden and listened as Hortulana Carla Teune gave a detailed explanation of the many Japanese plants and trees there.

While enjoying a lunch served on board, the delegation made its way by boat (courtesy of the ‘Leidse Rederij’) to the Museum for Volkenkunde and were met by director Stijn Schoonderwoerd and curator Daan Kok. In addition to viewing the permanent collection, the group also stopped to
see the recently opened exhibition ‘Cool Japan’ before continuing on to the depot where they were shown a number of exceptional Japanese prints.

Next stop, again by boat over the canals, was Het Arsenaal where the delegation was welcomed by staff and students of Japanese studies, Alumnikai association ‘Van Hier tot Tokio’, Student association ‘Tanuki’, University of Leiden, Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), City of
Leiden and representatives of corporate Leiden. Alderman for Education, Sports and Sustainability, Paul Dirkse was also present.

Guests were treated to the best herring in the Netherlands courtesy of Atlantic and refreshments compliments of Japan Museum SieboldHuis.

After receiving a special flag from the delegation for use during performances, the Leiden Dance ensemble ‘Japanse Yosokoi’ gave a spectacular performance. Jazz singer Annelies de Bruin and pianist Sophie Anglionin of ‘Just as Jazz’ treated to guests to a delightful closing
performance with their interpretation of Yuki no Hana by singer Mika Nakashima.

The delegation said their farewells and departed for City Hall where they were received by Leiden Mayor Henri Lenferink.

Many thanks to all those who worked together to make this an unforgettable day!

Leidsch Dagblad: Vriendschap Japan-Leiden bezegeld met haring



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