Sister Cities Nagasaki and Leiden Celebrate official ties

 On Thursday November 30, celebrations were held in Leiden City Hall to commemorate the signing – 5 days earlier in Japan – of the official Sister City relationship with Nagasaki. In a brief presentation, Alderman Paul Dirkse outlined

the importance of the sister city relationship with Nagasaki. Director of Japan Museum SieboldHuis and Chair of the Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation (SLVN), Kris Schiermeier gave an account of the many places Japan can be found in Leiden including a section of the ‘Singelpark’ that will highlight Nagasaki in particular and Japan in a more broader perspective.

Jessica Hilhorst then spoke of her experiences during her six month stay in Nagasaki and elaborated on the opportunities that this sister city relationship could bring to both cities.   Professor Dr. M. Forrer gave an animated account of his work on the restoration of Dejima.  A reception followed.

Media coverage (Dutch):

Gemeente Leiden Sleutelstad LD
UL KaternJapan Leiden Marketing
LeidenTV UnityFM SP Leiden
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