Nagasaki Youth Orchestra

On Saturday, 24 August 2019 the Nagasaki Junior Orchestra will visit Leiden for a musical celebration of their twin city relationship.

This summer a delegation from the Nagasaki Junior Orchestra will visit Leiden. In addition to enjoying our beautiful city and of course paying a visit to Japan Museum SieboldHuis, the children are also keen to entertain the people of Leiden.
Two concerts will be given on Saturday, 24 August. The first, a mini concert will take place at 14:00 in the Library on the Nieuwstraat (BplusC). A second concert will be held at 16:00 in the Leidse Volkshuis, Apothekersdijk 33a, under the auspices of Mayor Henri Lenferink and the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Inomata. Admission to both concerts is free.

Members of the Rijnstreek Youth Symphony Orchestra will perform together with the Nagasaki Youth Orchestra, and as a special treat will play a piece that have been rehearsing separately over the past weeks.

♪ “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” in G-major K.525 part one (Mozart)
♪ Violin concert Nr. 1 C-major (Hydon)
♪ Baroque Style “Spring” from “Japan’s Four Seasons” (Masaaki Hayakawa)
♪ “Romanian Volk Dance” (Bartok)
Conductors: Ken Hakii and Mitsuaki Shiki | In cooperation with Jeugd Symfonieorkest Rijnstreek. (Rijnstreek Youth Symphony Orchestra)

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Date & Times: :
Date: Saturdy 24 August 2019

Mini concert Nagasaki Junior Orchestra in the
Library, Nieuwstraat te Leiden at 14:00 hours ADMISSION FREE

Concert Nagasaki Junior Orchestra in the
Volkshuis Apothekersdijk 33a, Leiden at 16:00 hours ADMISSION FREE

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