Nagasaki University thanks Professors Ton Raap and Harm Beukers

A delegation from Nagasaki University Medical School and Nagasaki University Hospital paid tribute to Professor dr Ton Raap and Professor dr Harm Beukers at a gathering in the Buruma Zaal of the Leiden University Medical Center on February 13.

The delegation from Nagasaki with Rector Carel Stolker and emeritus Professor Ton Raap. The delegation included Dean, Professor Maemura and Vice Dean, Professor Yanagihara of the Nagasaki School of Medicine, Professor Koji of the Department of Histology and Cell Biology and Professor Nagayasu of the Department of Surgical Oncology. 

This delegation came into being as a result of close cooperation between LUMC, the University of Leiden, Nagasaki Medical School and Nagasaki University.  This collaboration was explained in presentations, amongst which was one by Dr Pancras Hogendoorn, Professor of Pathology. Dean of the Leiden University Medical Center. 

A commemorative plaque was present to Professor dr Ton Raap by the Nagasaki delegation in recognition of his contributions in establishing this collaboration.

Professor Raap accepts the commemorative plaque.

In his thank you speech, Professor Raap praised both institutes for their cooperation and thanked Associate Professor Noboru Yamashita and Professor Koji, both of the University of Nagasaki and Professor Harm Beukers of the University of Leiden.

Thank you speech by Professor Raap.
Plaque with a bas-relief of Johan Pompe van Meerdervoort

The collaboration between these institutes manifests itself in the exchange of students and PhD candidates. This results in further exchanges on the bachelor and master levels as well as in research areas such as Technical Medicine, Surgical Oncology, Ageing, Tropical Medicine & Global Health, Genome Instability and Rheumatology. 

Both delegations stressed their gratitude for the collaboration that began many years ago on their ‘wish list’. This wish became reality in 2013 when Professor Raap and Mayor Lenferink visited Nagasaki at which time the Friendship between both cities was formalized.  In 2017 the Friendship Affiliation became a Sister City relationship giving the collaboration between the institutes greater momentum.

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