The Unveiling of Sweet Hirado


The Unveiling of Sweet Hirado

200 years ago in Hirado, the reigning Matsura family had a scroll made. Decorated with 100 different sweets, it was called the Encyclopaedia of 100 Sweets. if you look careful at the sweets on the scroll you will not see an old,

but a new, innovative and creative world influenced by far away countries. This encyclopaedia was the inspiration to create a new chapter in the local culture of Hirado and to connect it with the world again.

Dutch creators were invited for a new project: Sweet Hirado.

Before presenting Sweet Hirado in the Netherlands and Europe in 2017 a special presentation will be hold in Hirado with cooperation from the 41st generation of Matsura family and

the two Dutch designer teams INA-MATT and Roosmarijn Pallandt. The 24 sweets and the accompanying plates and other Mikawachi porcelain tea ceremony items that were created for Sweet Hirado will presented

in the form of a newly created Dutch Tea ceremony.

The history, present and future. This moment will bring them together and form the start of a new story. We hope you can be part of it.

a  project organized as part of the 2016-2017Holland Kyushu year

Sweet Hirado_ Japan’s Island of Sweets

  1. Nederlandse Thee Ceremonie’ in Hirado

Time: 23 October 2016 (Sun), 10:00~16:00

Place: Pakhuis – Hirado Dutch Trading Post (Okubo 2477, Hirado)

Matsura Historical Museum (Kagamigawa 12, Hirado)

*Included Tickets* ¥8,000

Koicha (Thick Tea): Pakhuis – Hirado Dutch Trading Post / 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00,  (6 Sessions)

Usucha (Thin Tea):  Kanuntei Tea House

Tenshin Eet Smakelijk (Tea Ceremony Lunch in Dutch Style): Chobotei Restaurant

Coupons: Free Entrance to the Matsura Historical Museum & Free Entrance to the Hirado Dutch Trading Post

 “Tea and Talk・Sweet Hirado” in SHIBAURA HOUSE

Time: 1st November 2016 (Tue), 19:00~21:00
Place: 5F, SHIBAURA HOUSE 3-15-4 Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 108-0023
(google map:
Participation fee: ¥2,000 ( with Wine, Cheese, Tea, Sweets)

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