Meet & Greet Nagasaki

Meet & Greet Nagasaki

Het Arsenaal – Leiden

19 April 2017 15:00 – 17:00

It is with pleasure that I extend to you an invitation to join us at a Meet & Greet with the Nagasaki Dutch Friendship Association on Wednesday, 19 April 2017,

Meet & Greet Nagasaki Dutch Friendship Association

Wednesday,  19 April 2017

15:00 – 17:00 hours (door opens 14:30)

Arsenaalstraat 1, Leiden

You are kindly requested to register for this event no later than Thursday, 13 April 2017. As the number of participants is limited. Click here to register: online form.

The delegation, led by Honorary Consul of the Netherlands Mr. M. Shimazaki will include members of the  Nagasaki Dutch Friendship Association, corporate representation, members of the Press, Nagasaki University and Nagasaki Prefecture.

Organisers of this event are the Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation in cooperation with the University of Leiden, Japan Studies, Tanuki (Leiden Association of Students of Japanese & Korean), Leiden Alumni Association: ‘Van hier tot Tokyo’ and  the Japanese dance group: Raiden Yosokoi.

Programme details:

  • Welcome speech(es)
  • Corporate presentations (for details/
  • Meet with friends and counterparts in Nagasaki (Alumni and students will assist in overcoming Language barriers)
  • Performance by Dance Group Raiden Yosokoi
  • Refreshments

During their one-day visit to Leiden, the Nagasaki Dutch Friendship Association will enjoy a varied programme including visits to Japan Museum SieboldHuis, Hortus Botanicus, Museum for Ethnology, and Leiden City hall. Transportation by boat from the Hortus Botanicus, Museum for Ethnology and het Arsenaal will be provided by  Leidse Rederij (Leiden Boat Rental).

We look forward to welcoming you on 19th April in Het Arsenaal.

Cordially yours,

Kris Schiermeier

Chairman Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation (SLVN)

The visit of the group from Nagasaki is possible by the support of:

Cooperation The Japan-Netherlands Society of Nagasaki

The Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation called on The Japan-Netherlands Society of Nagasaki today where they met with Messrs Fuji and Nakamura and Ms Yamaguchi.

There they received an introduction to the Japan-Netherlands Society of Nagasaki and an outline of its activities over the past several years.  Mr Fuji explained in detail the society’s up-coming activities and stressed the importance of developing mutually beneficial corporate relations.

The meeting focussed on both present and future ties including the up-coming Siebold Collection Conference in October and the completion  of 6 warehouses at Deshima.  2017 will also see the opening of the land bridge to Deshima and a host of other activities highlighting the Kyūshū Year.

f.l.t.r. Ronald Hilhorst (SLVN), Izumi Fuji (JNSN), Tetsu Nakamura (JNSN), Eri Yamaguchi (JNSN)

f.l.t.r. Ronald Hilhorst (SLVN), Izumi Fuji (JNSN), Tetsu Nakamura (JNSN), Eri Yamaguchi (JNSN)

Visit of the Dejima Restoration Office

Ronald Hilhorst, Secretary of the Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation   (ライデン日蘭協会) visited the Dejima Restoration Office  recently

(出島復元整備室) and was welcomed by the director Junji Mamitsuka.

Ronald Hilhorst and Junji Mamitsuka at the main entrance to Dejima Island

Ronald Hilhorst and Junji Mamitsuka at the main entrance to Dejima Island

The two discussed the existing ties between Nagasaki and Leiden and the prospects to strengthen and further develop their mutual interests.  This year is an important one for Dejima as it will see the completion of the five warehouses on the island.  The final touches are now being added in time for the Siebold Collection Conference to be held in Nagasaki in October. Another milestone for Dejima will be the grand opening next year of the newly constructed land bridge.  In both cases all eyes will be on Nagasaki this year and next.

For more information on Dejima:


Courtesy call to The Japan-Netherland Society of Nagasaki and the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands

Today the ‘Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation’  (ライデン日蘭協会) and the City of Leiden paid a courtesy call on the Japan-Netherlands Society of Nagasaki  (長崎日蘭協会) and the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Nagasaki.

We were given a warm welcome by Mr. Keizo Ueda, Chairman of the Japan-Netherlands Society and spoke at length about the friendly and historic ties between our two cities.

The Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Nagasaki Mr. Masahide Shimazaki, emphasized the  importance of strengthening  and further developing the friendship affiliation between our cities.



16 highschool students from Nagasaki will homestay in Leiden

After the highly successful visit in 2014, this summer 16 students from Nagasaki will visit Leiden. From 19-22 August they will stay with members and host families of the Leidse Alumni Vereniging ‘ Van Hier tot Tokio”. On August 19, the students will be received at City Hall then visit Japan Museum SieboldHuis and the Museum for Ethnology. There they will have an opportunity to meet with high school students from Leiden. At the weekend they will stay with their host families.

10th International SIEBOLD collection working conference

This year the The tenth International Siebold collection working conference will be held on October 20-22, 2016, in Nagasaki, Japan.

In view of this occasion, we are now inviting abstracts that will be reviewed by the international Conference Committee. We will only consider contributions based on research of Siebold’s various Japan collections, or the lives of Siebold and his direct collaborators.

For more information: (
ets siebold