Invitation: Japanese dinosaur morning at Naturalis

This event is cancelled because of the new COVID-regulations announced on November 3rd by the Dutch Ministry of Welfare.

On Friday the 29th of October, the Nagasaki City Dinosaur Museum opened.

One of the dinosaurs there is Trix, the T. rex from Naturalis in Leiden. In 2020, Naturalis worked very hard to create a life-sized 3D-print of its famous showpiece. To celebrate the opening and the friendship between Nagasaki and Leiden, there will be a live event on Saturday the 13th of November with a video connection. Any friends of Nagasaki or Japan in general are invited to join it in our LiveScience hall, which is free to enter. 

10:30 (CET) Live tour of the permanent exhibition of Nagasaki City Dinosaur Museum by curator Mr. Shota Kodaira. 

10:45 Explanation of Trix by dino professor Anne Schulp. 

11:00 Explanation of our Trix’s replica project by palaeontologist Daisuke Nakatani. 

4. Participation exchange discussion with children. The theme is “What kind of dinosaur project would you like to participate in?”.

Nagasaki Dinosaur Museum, Nagasaki

Naturalis sends a 3D printed Tyrannosaurus to Nagasaki

Leiden, 12 april 2021. The 3D printed Tyrannosaurus rex that was in the central hall of Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands, is being shipped to Japan. The life-sized replica of Naturalis iconic dinosaur Trix will leave for the Dinosaur Museum in Nagasaki next week.

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Nagasaki Youth Peace Forum Contest – Winners Announced

The winners of the ‘Nagasaki Youth Peace Forum Contest’, organized last year by the Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation and the City of Leiden, were announced on April 6 2021.  The theme of this contest was ‘what if this happened to you’.  What if an atomic bomb fell on your city, devasting everything, what message would you send to the world? Jury chairman Kris Schiermeier (Chairman of the SLVN and Director of Japan Museum SieboldHuis) and other jury members* congratulated winners Gijs van der Meij and Ib Brussee on winning this contest.  An honorable mention went to Yaiden de Jong for his poem ‘Hope’.

The jury praised the contestants for their creativity in the short stories, poems, paintings, and songs they submitted.  All contestants will receive a Manga Workshop at Japan Museum SieboldHuis, compliments of the SLVN.

17-year-old student at Bonaventura College, Gijs van der Meij, impressed the jury with his painting of a girl running through a devastated city. The jury applauded him for his originality and empathy in the execution of this work in which the city of Leiden and his sister played a role.

17-year-old Mare college student Ib Brussee also impressed the jury with her work, in particular the symbolism and the way she implemented colour to reflect both desperation and hope.

For his poem ‘Hope’ the 15-year-old Yaiden de Jong received a painting by Leiden artist Casper Faassen.

Both winners will participate in the Nagasaki Peace Forum on August 8 and 9 in Japan together with representatives from Nagasaki twin cities: St. Paul (USA); Santos (Brazil); Porto (Portugal); Fuzhou (China) and Vaux-sur-Aure (France).  They will also be guests of honour at the memorial ceremonies on 9 August and will present their art works to the Mayor of Nagasaki, Tomihisa Taue. While in Japan Gijs and Ib will have the opportunity for a ‘home stay’ with a Japanese family to learn more about the city of Nagasaki and the cultural of Japan. Representatives of the SLVN will accompany the winners and all costs will be borne by the City of Nagasaki. 

Photo: Gijs van der Meij  (left )and  Ib Brussee (right) in the garden of Japan Museum SieboldHuis.  In between is a bust of the physician Philipp Franz von Siebold who lived in Nagasaki from 1823-1829.  
Photographer: Kuniko Forrer

Nagasaki University thanks Professors Ton Raap and Harm Beukers

A delegation from Nagasaki University Medical School and Nagasaki University Hospital paid tribute to Professor dr Ton Raap and Professor dr Harm Beukers at a gathering in the Buruma Zaal of the Leiden University Medical Center on February 13.

The delegation from Nagasaki with Rector Carel Stolker and emeritus Professor Ton Raap. The delegation included Dean, Professor Maemura and Vice Dean, Professor Yanagihara of the Nagasaki School of Medicine, Professor Koji of the Department of Histology and Cell Biology and Professor Nagayasu of the Department of Surgical Oncology. 

This delegation came into being as a result of close cooperation between LUMC, the University of Leiden, Nagasaki Medical School and Nagasaki University.  This collaboration was explained in presentations, amongst which was one by Dr Pancras Hogendoorn, Professor of Pathology. Dean of the Leiden University Medical Center. 

A commemorative plaque was present to Professor dr Ton Raap by the Nagasaki delegation in recognition of his contributions in establishing this collaboration.

Professor Raap accepts the commemorative plaque.

In his thank you speech, Professor Raap praised both institutes for their cooperation and thanked Associate Professor Noboru Yamashita and Professor Koji, both of the University of Nagasaki and Professor Harm Beukers of the University of Leiden.

Thank you speech by Professor Raap.
Plaque with a bas-relief of Johan Pompe van Meerdervoort

The collaboration between these institutes manifests itself in the exchange of students and PhD candidates. This results in further exchanges on the bachelor and master levels as well as in research areas such as Technical Medicine, Surgical Oncology, Ageing, Tropical Medicine & Global Health, Genome Instability and Rheumatology. 

Both delegations stressed their gratitude for the collaboration that began many years ago on their ‘wish list’. This wish became reality in 2013 when Professor Raap and Mayor Lenferink visited Nagasaki at which time the Friendship between both cities was formalized.  In 2017 the Friendship Affiliation became a Sister City relationship giving the collaboration between the institutes greater momentum.

Orange Heart – Sinterklaas Actie 2019

Orange Heart 

With the holiday season just around the corner St Nicolaas was wondering what gifts the children of Fukushima would like to have.  He was also wondering if you would like to join him this year by sending your own gift to a child in Iwaki Japan.  


From October to mid-November 2019 (unwrapped) gifts for children (kindergarten and primary school age)  small in size and light in weight can be sent to:


Orange Heart

Weigeliadal 9

2317 JA Leiden


No time to buy a gift? You may also make a donation to this worthy cause and we will purchase a gift on your behalf. 

Donations may be made to:

Sinterklaasactie 2019

NL36INGB0007938143 t.a.v. Orange Heart


Your gifts will be deliverd to Fukishima and will be presented to the children on 1 December in the Iwaki Performeing Arts Center Alios by St Nicolaas himself!


For more information or inquiries:


Thank you on behalf of Orange Heart


Nagasaki Youth Orchestra

On Saturday, 24 August 2019 the Nagasaki Junior Orchestra will visit Leiden for a musical celebration of their twin city relationship.

This summer a delegation from the Nagasaki Junior Orchestra will visit Leiden. In addition to enjoying our beautiful city and of course paying a visit to Japan Museum SieboldHuis, the children are also keen to entertain the people of Leiden.
Two concerts will be given on Saturday, 24 August. The first, a mini concert will take place at 14:00 in the Library on the Nieuwstraat (BplusC). A second concert will be held at 16:00 in the Leidse Volkshuis, Apothekersdijk 33a, under the auspices of Mayor Henri Lenferink and the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Inomata. Admission to both concerts is free.

Members of the Rijnstreek Youth Symphony Orchestra will perform together with the Nagasaki Youth Orchestra, and as a special treat will play a piece that have been rehearsing separately over the past weeks.

♪ “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” in G-major K.525 part one (Mozart)
♪ Violin concert Nr. 1 C-major (Hydon)
♪ Baroque Style “Spring” from “Japan’s Four Seasons” (Masaaki Hayakawa)
♪ “Romanian Volk Dance” (Bartok)
Conductors: Ken Hakii and Mitsuaki Shiki | In cooperation with Jeugd Symfonieorkest Rijnstreek. (Rijnstreek Youth Symphony Orchestra)

Perskit download:

Date & Times: :
Date: Saturdy 24 August 2019

Mini concert Nagasaki Junior Orchestra in the
Library, Nieuwstraat te Leiden at 14:00 hours ADMISSION FREE

Concert Nagasaki Junior Orchestra in the
Volkshuis Apothekersdijk 33a, Leiden at 16:00 hours ADMISSION FREE

Students from Nagasaki East and Visser ‘t Hooft Lyceum visit SieboldHuis

Students from Nagasaki East Highschool (長崎東高等学校) and students from Visser ‘t Hooft Lyceum meet and become acquainted during a guided tour of the museum and exhibition “Japanese Nude” by Director Kris Schiermeier.

The schools are exploring the possibilities of developing a closer relationship. Both focus on bilingual education and have a significant international orientated curriculum.

V-Varen Nagasaki promoted to J1 for first time

V-Varen Nagasaki earned promotion to the J. League’s first division for the first time on Saturday.

V-Varen, competing in the J2 since 2013, sealed a second-place spot in the league with a 3-1 home win over Katamare Sanuki behind goals from Daichi Inui, Yusuke Maeda and Hijiri Onaga. A crowd of 22,407 was on hand at Transcosmos Stadium to witness the historic event.

V-Varen will join second-division champions Shonan Bellmare in the J1 next season, while another J2 team will earn promotion through a playoff involving the teams finishing third to sixth.

ref. Japan Times


Over 10,000 visitors were welcomed to the10th annual Japan market held on Sunday 4 June 2017.  Blue skies, sunny weather and a record 70 market stands all added to the success of this event.

There was great interest for the stand shared by the Cities of Leiden and Nagasaki in particular with regard to the ties between our two cities.

Many thanks go to Mayu Fujisawa (Nagasaki), Jessica Hilhorst and Marian Weevers (Leiden) and Kuniko and Matthi Forrer as well as to the City of Leiden for providing the Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation with the opportunity to promote our shared friendship.

We look forward to the next edition in 2018!