Opening Aquarellen van Yuriko Yamaguchi

Van 15 juli tot 30 augustus aanstaande zullen er aquarellen van Yuriko Yamaguchi, gekoppeld aan teksten van Mineke Schipper, worden geëxposeerd in de Oude UB aan het Rapenburg 70.
De tentoonstelling is tijdens kantooruren op werkdagen gratis te bezichtigen.
Festive opening: 15 July 5.00 pm
Humanity’s End as a New Beginning
World Disasters in Myths
Exhibition by Japanese-American artist Yuriko Yamaguchi
With texts by Mineke Schipper (Leiden University)
The when, why and how of the End of our planet stay clouded in mystery. Will the earth be
covered by ice, will we all perish from heat or lack of oxygen, or will we all be drowned?
Long before scholars worried, ancient myths referred to deluges, world fires and other
calamities. Still, complete extinction seemed so unbearable that mythical narratives, whether
originating from Asia, the Americas, Oceania, Africa or the Middle-East, transformed a
disastrous end into a hopeful new beginning – at least for some humans!
We wonder about the vulnerability of human life as much as mythical stories did. Alarming
pollution and global warming add unexpected dimensions to narratives from a remote past,
reminding us of our responsibility for humanity’s future on our only planet so far.
Japanese-American artist Yuriko Yamaguchi’s first exhibition in the Netherlands consists of
thirty artworks inspired by an essay and collected myths in Na ons de zondvloed (‘After Us
the Deluge’) by Mineke Schipper. This combined project originated at the Rockefeller Center
(Bellagio, Italy) in 2009. The world première of the exhibition was in Japan (Fall 2018). The
titles of the artworks and quotes from the mythical stories will be in English (as well as in
Japanese?). The world première of this show was in Japan in the Fall of 2018.
Venue: Leiden University, Rapenburg 70 (“Oude UB”), 15 July-30 August (office hours)
Festive opening: 15 July 5.00 pm