695_01The historic ties and special relations between Leiden and Nagasaki have led to the recent establishment of the Leiden Friends of Nagasaki Foundation (Stichting Leidse Vrienden van Nagasaki).  Chairperson of the foundation is Mrs Kris Schiermeier, Director of Japan Museum SieboldHuis.  Mrs. Schermeier holds a degree in Japanese Studies and History of Art from the University of Leiden.  Ronald Hilhorst, Director of J-Link, is the Secretary.  J-Link specialises in the market development in the medical and bio-technical  sectors in Japan.  Mr. Hilhorst is a graduate of the University of Leiden, Japanese Studies and is chairman of the Alumni Association ‘ From Here to Tokyo’.    Treasurer of the foundation  is Mrs. Kuniko Forrer.  Mrs. Forrer is Coorindator Japan at Japan Museum SieboldHuis and in this capacity she promotes and maintains contact with the city of Nagasaki and local businesses there.  Mrs. Forrer is a graduate of the University of Leiden, Faculty of Arts (Dutch Literature)  and the History of  Publishing  and Printing at the University of Amsterdam.

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