Invitation: Japanese dinosaur morning at Naturalis

This event is cancelled because of the new COVID-regulations announced on November 3rd by the Dutch Ministry of Welfare.

On Friday the 29th of October, the Nagasaki City Dinosaur Museum opened.

One of the dinosaurs there is Trix, the T. rex from Naturalis in Leiden. In 2020, Naturalis worked very hard to create a life-sized 3D-print of its famous showpiece. To celebrate the opening and the friendship between Nagasaki and Leiden, there will be a live event on Saturday the 13th of November with a video connection. Any friends of Nagasaki or Japan in general are invited to join it in our LiveScience hall, which is free to enter. 

10:30 (CET) Live tour of the permanent exhibition of Nagasaki City Dinosaur Museum by curator Mr. Shota Kodaira. 

10:45 Explanation of Trix by dino professor Anne Schulp. 

11:00 Explanation of our Trix’s replica project by palaeontologist Daisuke Nakatani. 

4. Participation exchange discussion with children. The theme is “What kind of dinosaur project would you like to participate in?”.

Nagasaki Dinosaur Museum, Nagasaki
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    We would like to join with my Son Krishanth

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